Special: Let's Watch Laura Leighton In Dynasty and In The Name Of Love: A Texas Tragedy


July 4th, 2022

53 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

058: Let's Watch Laura Leighton (And Grant Show) In The CW's Dynasty!

The CW's Dynasty throws a Melrose Place reunion as the former Sydney Andrews ALMOST crosses paths with the former Jake Hanson.

081: Let’s Watch Laura Leighton In In The Name Of Love: A Texas Tragedy!

It's another Melrose/true-crime crossover -- this time, 1995's In The Name Of Love: A Texas Tragedy, featuring Laura Leighton as a victim of the class wars in small-town Texas; Bonnie "Mark Greene's Mom" Bartlett as her snooty aunt-in-law; and writing that echoes John Hughes's clumsiest eat-the-rich instincts. Was it half an hour too long? Why isn't there a book about the case? And why the F is Luke trying to cover up his crime in an open field in broad daylight?