Again With This: Beverly Hills, 90210 & Melrose Place

Episode-by-episode, Sarah D. Bunting and Tara Ariano are talking about Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place

About the show

Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place rewatches? Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting are here for you!


  • BH S02.E14: The Next Fifty Years

    October 16th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  46 mins 1 sec

    You may not have the stomach for this one. Scott definitely didn't.

  • BH S02.E13: Halloween

    October 13th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  40 mins 43 secs

    Kelly packs her treats into a corset for a Hallowe'en party that takes a sour turn.

  • BH S02.E12: Down And Out Of District In Beverly Hills

    October 8th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  48 mins 4 secs

    We finally meet a member of Andrea's family -- and, lucky for us, it's obviously the very best one. What up, Grandma Rose!

  • BH S02.E11: Leading From The Heart

    October 6th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  39 mins 55 secs

    Brenda and Brandon's cousin Bobby comes to Los Angeles to teach everyone An Important Lesson about stairs.

  • BH Special: The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story

    October 3rd, 2015  |  Season 0  |  1 hr 7 mins
    beverly hills 90210

    What could make an ersatz Shannen Doherty so morose? Find out with our special bonus podcast on Lifetime's unauthorized story of Beverly Hills, 90210!

  • BH S02.E10: Necessity Is A Mother

    October 1st, 2015  |  Season 2  |  51 mins 43 secs

    Dylan's mother's still hanging around town and driving him to drink -- but for how long?

  • BH S02.E09: Ashes To Ashes

    September 28th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  44 mins 1 sec

    When a non-white family moves in down the street from the Walshes, Brandon immediately marks himself as someone they're better off not knowing.

  • BH S02.E08: Wildfire

    September 25th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  36 mins 32 secs

    New girl Emily Valentine seduces every guy at West Beverly High, seemingly just by being new. No wonder former new girl Brenda is pissed.

  • BH S02.E07: Camping Trip

    September 21st, 2015  |  Season 2  |  41 mins 45 secs

    A trip to a national park takes several disastrous turns, not least for the newlyweds unlucky enough to have rented a cabin next to the kids from West Beverly High.

  • BH S02.E06: Pass, Not Pass

    September 18th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  43 mins 38 secs

    Finally, a guy 'gets' Andrea in a way that none of the kids at West Beverly do. The catch? HE IS AN ADULT MAN.

  • BH S02.E05: Play It Again, David

    September 14th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  48 mins 59 secs

    Why is Brandon's new 'little brother' Felix so jumpy? Well, his mother smokes. You can probably fill in the blanks.

  • BH S02.E04: Anaconda

    September 11th, 2015  |  Season 2  |  34 mins 18 secs

    Dylan deals with the financial fallout of his father's arrest in some very responsible ways.