Again With This: Beverly Hills, 90210 & Melrose Place

Episode-by-episode, Sarah D. Bunting and Tara Ariano are talking about Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place

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Need someone to share the joy, pain, and shoulder pads of your Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose Place rewatches? Tara Ariano and Sarah D. Bunting are here for you!


  • BH S04.E30: Vital Signs

    August 22nd, 2016  |  Season 4  |  46 mins 3 secs

    Brenda takes 500 curtain calls, and Kelly and Dylan get ever closer to calling a time of death on their relationship.

  • BH S04.E29: Truth And Consequences

    August 19th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  46 mins 32 secs

    Casting couch rumours swirl around Brenda while Brandon finally narcs on Clare to her dad, and Andrea's love of snacks induces labour.

  • BH S04.E28: Acting Out

    August 15th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  55 mins 5 secs

    The auditorium gets crowded with potential Maggies, and Clare's campaign to conquer Brandon enters its formalwear phase.

  • BH S04.E27: Divas

    August 12th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  44 mins 28 secs

    The arrival of an acclaimed theatre director ratchets up the drama, while Clare forges ahead with her ill-advised campaign to bone Brandon.

  • BH S04.E26: Blind Spot

    August 8th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  45 mins 50 secs

    Steve's gay panic threatens to ruin Kelly and Donna's beefcake calendar, and also someone's life.

  • BH S04.E25: The Time Has Come Today

    August 5th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  41 mins 7 secs

    Brenda appropriates some poor girl's teenage diary for an insufferable late '60s fantasy.

  • BH S04.E24: Cuffs And Links

    August 1st, 2016  |  Season 4  |  48 mins 48 secs

    Brenda's sudden social conscience lands her in jail, but don't worry: they confiscate her personal effects, but not her bad attitude.

  • BH S04.E23: A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog

    July 29th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  54 mins 15 secs

    Brenda shows how quick a learner she is by taking less than a week to turn radical animal rights activist.

  • BH S04.E22: Change Partners

    July 25th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  57 mins 4 secs

    As Josh closes in, Kelly and Brandon's ruse gets a lot less ruse-y.

  • BH S04.E21: Addicted To Love

    July 22nd, 2016  |  Season 4  |  41 mins 4 secs

    Brandon enlists Kelly to pose as his non-carnal date for Task Force events because...wait, why?

  • BH S04.E20: Scared Very Straight

    July 20th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  41 mins 56 secs

    David's drug story comes to an end as messy as it is improbable. But hey, at least now he and Dylan are square!

  • BH S04.E19: The Labors Of Love

    July 18th, 2016  |  Season 4  |  52 mins 26 secs

    Brandon should be thrilled that someone's proposed a solution to the Peach Pit's financial woes. But it's Dylan, so Brandon's a pissy bitch about it.