MP S01.E26: End Game


February 17th, 2020

33 mins 47 secs

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Billy is just starting to get used to the idea of life without Alison -- and even entertaining the idea of renting her old room out to Kimberly, particularly if it means she'll move all her furniture in with her -- when he gets the news that his father has suffered a massive heart attack; alas, Mr. Campbell never regains consciousness, and passes away. Billy, for some reason, decides the best way to honour his father's memory is to start running the furniture store (as he never wanted to do when his father was alive); he also rebuffs attempts by everyone in his life to help him grieve...that is, until Alison comes back from Seattle to comfort him. Meanwhile, Kimberly decides she doesn't want to room with Billy, but that she would like Michael to come over and fix her kitchen sink. That's not a euphemism, though when he's done, she makes it pretty clear that she wouldn't mind him taking a closer look at her plumbing. Elsewhere, Carrie is still trying to make moves on Terrance (via lilac paint and floral-print wallpaper, which seems like the long way around, but okay), and Rhonda's still not happy about it. We discuss it all in our podcast on "End Game"!

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