Episode 922

BH S09.E22: Local Hero


December 24th, 2018

42 mins 30 secs

Season 9

Your Hosts

About this Episode

One of the most convoluted plotlines of the season encompasses the following: a legitimate chance encounter between Dylan and Kelly; the idiotic decision by Kelly, on the phone with Matt when Dylan rolls up, not just to say, "Oh hey, I just ran into Dylan!" and instead to say she's on her way to run errands; a tweaker trying to rob a pregnant woman in broad daylight at fucking Bristol Farms by taking her son hostage; Dylan's foiling of said robbery; Steve's decision to try to infiltrate a sex addicts' meeting to mine content for the Beat; Kelly's even more idiotic decision to tell a real reporter that when the mugger showed up, she was having coffee in her car with STEVE, who went on to save this stranger's life; Gina's need for Matt to represent her in contract negotiations over a commentator job at the Skating Channel. Plus: Noah has a half sister. We'll try to untangle the million knots in these plotlines in our podcast on "Local Hero"!

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