Episode 921

BH S09.E21: I Want to Reach Right Out & Grab Ya


December 17th, 2018

37 mins 50 secs

Season 9

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About this Episode

A routine visit to her parents' house leaves Donna on the receiving end of a shocking announcement that, now that she's firmly in her mid-twenties, they feel certain she is strong enough to hear: they're getting a divorce. Like the rest of us, Donna is pretty sure it's Felice's fault, since she's been a nasty rag the entire time we've known her. But when Donna's attempts to pull a holy Parent Trap on them -- seriously, a priest is involved -- Noah journeys to the golf course to find out what's really behind Dr. Martin's restlessness. The complications of the Gina/Dylan/Kelly/Matt love quadrangle continues to metastasize such that this week it entails pool hustling, Olympic gold medalist housesitting, a chimney sweep, a hypnotist, and a mugger. (One of those is fake; try to guess which!) With Claudia returned to Venezuela, David has more time to spend on rehabilitating the career of a has-been DJ whose name is Sonny Sharp but who looks a lot like Shadoe Stevens. And when the Beat's latest freak-show subject is an eleven-year-old child prodigy, Steve makes it his mission to get the kid to relax and be as juvenile as Steve himself is. We discuss it all -- including how easy it would have been for anyone to have looked up the actual lyrics to the Steve Miller Band's "Abracadabra" -- in our podcast on "I Wanna Reach Right Out & Grab Ya"!

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