Episode 908

BH S09.E08: I'm Back Because

September 17th, 2018

1 hr 8 mins 52 secs

Season 9

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Since Gina doesn't have a job -- or an agent, even, despite what she's told Donna -- she's got nothing but time to devote to the new project she's pursuing post-Cabaret On Ice: Donna And Noah On The Rocks. When she's alone with Donna, she diligently shit-talks Noah (not that hard, given his many failings) to try to change Donna's mind about making their relationship work. And when she's alone with Noah, she suggests reasons it's not worth his trying to get back into Donna's good graces, what with how demanding and spoiled Donna is. The antique tech known as an answering machine plays a supporting role in Gina's scheming, but will Donna and Noah's beautiful love story survive Gina's assaults?! Speaking of assault, David's still facing charges for statutory rape, though Matt can't quite devote all his attention to it while also dealing with his shaky finances. Stepping into the breach is Dylan, freelance investigator, who feels free to cast aspersions on Denise's sincerity and the elder O'Lares' parenting while also enlisting Mrs. Teasley in his efforts to discredit a minor child. Sure glad his smarmy ass came back. Kelly's a lot happier to have Dylan back in her life right now, as she tries to figure out how to handle her dying grandfather's desire to end treatment and her mother's refusal to honour his wishes -- not that Dylan's that eager to hear about her problems until she basically forces him to. Samantha has several bones to pick with Steve, from the direction the Beat has taken into trashy celebrity coverage to his disapproval of her choice of partner. We'll give you two guesses whose side we're on and the first doesn't count. We're talking about all of it in our podcast on "I'm Back Because"!

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