Episode 1020

BH S10.E20: Ever Heard The One About The Exploding Father?


September 16th, 2019

41 mins 7 secs

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Dylan doesn't kick Jack out of the hotel before finding out that he's there because Kelly got in touch with him; he's in Los Angeles to try to see what kind of relationship he and Dylan can have. Dylan's still pouty, and resists, but can't really stay that angry, which leads Jack to hatch a brilliant plan: what if Dylan entered Witness Protection with "Eddie"? Or, better yet, what if Jack left the program, hired a full-time private security team, and tried his luck with the various underworld reasons whose desire to kill him are the reason he went into the program in the first place? MUCH TO CONSIDER. David has, very improbably, been recruited for a radio job in New York. Camille is pretty sure their month-long relationship won't survive the distance, and Donna isn't ready to say goodbye to her very platonic friend and nothing more. Ryan's still trifling around Los Angeles, but with Noah's help he hatches a new plan for the rest of his life: he's going to become a bar back! It falls to Steve to try to browbeat him to get his life back on track because they still couldn't afford both Josh Taylor AND Jed Allan, apparently. Finally, Matt gets a STUFF plot line involving an alleged standup comedian fired for sucking. Do we side with the club owner? Find out in our podcast on "Ever Heard The One About The Exploding Father?"!

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