Episode 1013

BH S10.E13: Tainted Love


May 6th, 2019

41 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Matt and Kelly are joyously affianced for about five minutes before a crisis strikes: Matt's rich client, Mr. Behr, decides to settle his lawsuit, meaning he'll no longer need Matt on retainer. Unfortunately, Matt immediately turned around and spent that retainer on Kelly's ring. Gina, hired back on as Matt's assistant, goes to the only rich person she's still talking to and who'll give her $15,000, no questions asked. However, Matt's smart enough to figure out where she got it, and Dylan's smart enough to figure out whom it's for, and the dick-measuring contest has to go into triple overtime. What will Kelly do when Matt comes clean? And will Dylan get his shit together in time for Maddy's christening?! Noah and Donna are embarking on single life in rather different ways: Noah has made a whole new party posse and is drinking himself into oblivion nightly, while Donna decides to take David's advice and give Java Hut manager Mark a chance to take her out. Does their date end bitterly, with burned tongues all around? Find out with our podcast on "Tainted Love"!

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